Delivering Sustainable and Resilient Campus and District Energy Infrastructure

By generating and storing electricity and heat directly at your own facility, you can save money and reduce the uncertainty associated with fuel prices. Additionally, you gain greater control over the availability of clean energy and how it gets integrated into your processes. Our team can help you save energy and reduce operating costs by improving efficiency and capturing usable energy that would otherwise be wasted.
Clean on-site energy technologies offer facility owners in the industrial sector a practical solution to reduce emissions and dependence on fossil fuels by generating electricity and heat from flexible, reliable, and affordable energy resources.










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Streamlining Distributed Energy Resources

We provide planning, design, construction and startup services for DER systems in campus settings and on industrial sites. By thoroughly evaluating the factors affecting a particular site, we can help determine the most effective and advantageous implementation, as well as identify and resolve the complexities that come with integrating DER. Our staff includes economic and financial analysts as well as power supply planners to address the potential impacts on ratepayers, communities and system loads.


Prioritizing Sustainable Solutions

Beyond complying with changing rules and regulations, we are passionate about bringing sustainable solutions to the table. For our clients, we provide sustainability initiatives and come fully equipped with appropriate, actionable strategies to protect your community and the environment. We help our clients identify, prioritize and implement sustainability initiatives and improvements through offering a range of solutions, including internal emissions reductions, material management, and sustainable siting and development. Whether helping our clients prepare for extreme weather events, decarbonize energy portfolios or remediate previous environmental damage, we support efforts to build a sustainable future.


Being resourceful stewards of our environment is a responsibility we take seriously with every project pursued. We understand the importance of our clients' environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and work to develop future-focused solutions across all industries, including oil and gas facilities, local governments and manufacturers, and transportation and utilities. We are proud to serve as a trusted partner for those striving toward sustainable initiatives.


Executing Critical EPC Projects

Utilizing a construction-first mindset means we deliver integrated, sustainable and customer-driven solutions that drive businesses forward. Our in-house construction professionals are well-versed in effective project delivery — traditional, fast-track and complex design-build. To streamline everything from permitting and pre-capital consulting to startup and commissioning, our integrated team quickly adapts to changing regulations, managing stakeholder engagement and keeping projects safely on track. We offer a single point of accountability, providing a team that is willing to dig into the details throughout the entire project life cycle, delivering the infrastructure solutions you need.


Mastering Master Planning

Utility master plans are among the most critical tools for important elements of campus infrastructure systems. Without an actionable master plan in place, campus systems are flying blind, reacting to increased demands on utility systems as they come. Each rushed decision impacts the next and creates cascading effects. The good news? With upfront planning today, utility master plans can help campuses achieve big paybacks tomorrow — and can update systems to run more efficiently and cleanly.


Implementing Renewable Power Solutions

Meet your operational and sustainability goals with cost-effective infrastructure and renewable energy projects. A fully integrated team under one roof can be the key to predictable results in renewable utility infrastructure projects. From project development, procurement and permitting to interconnection, construction and startup, a fully integrated partner can be your competitive advantage.



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Providing Critical Utility Infrastructure

Without power flowing through our communities and businesses, our nation would grind to a halt. From electricity to oil and natural gas, the generation, transmission and distribution of energy is vital to every critical infrastructure sector. We have experience in all aspects of delivering a stable energy supply for households, businesses, transportation and more, and understand this industry’s powerful responsibility to support and protect. We are ready to help you in that mission.

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Tom Parker

OnSite Energy & Power Director

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Tom Parker

OnSite Energy & Power Director

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