Designing the B-21 Raider’s First Home

Preparations underway will make Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota the first main operating base and training center for the U.S. Air Force’s next-generation long-range bomber.



Going Below Zero on the Path to a Lower-Carbon World


Unmanned Aerial Systems: Capturing Critical Data With Flying Technology


Elevating Expectations

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Aviation of the Future: Reinventing the Ever-Evolving Passenger Experience

Amid global lockdowns due to the pandemic, airlines reduced staff and grounded or retired aircraft to decrease the size of their fleets. As air travel today gradually returns to pre-pandemic levels, t...


Going Above and Beyond to Bring Essential Resources Into Space

If humanity’s future lies among the stars, we’re going to need to bring resources with us.


Mainstream Space Travel Is Looking Up

As commercial spaceflight becomes more prevalent and less expensive, significant strides are being made regarding social, business and environmental impacts. That being said, there’s quite a bit on th...


Balancing People and Project Impacts Through Environmental Justice

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Executive Order 14008 have elevated environmental justice concerns in government and public consciousness. Integrating this approach into infrastructure ...

Improve Site Certainty With Tailored Solutions to Emerging Contaminants

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Preparing an active base to house a first-of-its-kind aircraft can be akin to performing heart surgery on a patient who is still walking around.

Andy Mashek

B-21 Program and Project Manager

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