How to Take Charge of Your Fleet Conversion

Which comes first, the electric vehicle or the infrastructure? For those planning fleet electrification, both must be among the considerations in a comprehensive planning approach.



Leveling Up: A Job Site Built for the Future


Power Play: Accelerating Delivery of a Data Center Facility


Designing the B-21 Raider’s First Home

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Going Below Zero on the Path to a Lower-Carbon World

Among the many pathways being pursued for global decarbonization, one technology seeks to mimic the very thing forests and other vegetated areas do naturally — remove carbon dioxide (CO2) d...


Unmanned Aerial Systems: Capturing Critical Data With Flying Technology

Flying technology offers virtually every industry far-reaching advantages with the ability to quickly capture much-needed critical data and aerial imagery. Unmanned aerial systems are evolving the app...


Elevating Expectations

To transform the flying experience for passengers, the designs for airport terminals and other aviation facilities must include innovations that are sustainable and resilient. Strategies to meet deman...


Aviation of the Future: Reinventing the Ever-Evolving Passenger Experience

Amid global lockdowns due to the pandemic, airlines reduced staff and grounded or retired aircraft to decrease the size of their fleets. As air travel today gradually returns to pre-pandemic levels, t...

Improve Site Certainty With Tailored Solutions to Emerging Contaminants

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Preparing an active base to house a first-of-its-kind aircraft can be akin to performing heart surgery on a patient who is still walking around.

Andy Mashek

B-21 Program and Project Manager

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