Going Above and Beyond to Bring Essential Resources Into Space

If humanity’s future lies among the stars, we’re going to need to bring resources with us.



Mainstream Space Travel Is Looking Up


Balancing People and Project Impacts Through Environmental Justice


Supporting Emerging Clean Energy Technologies Through Thoughtful Partnerships

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Tech Talk: Embracing New Realities

AEC firms want to make client projects successful as they design, engineer, build and maintain the planet’s critical infrastructure. Doing so efficiently requires determining just what roles technolog...


We Like IKE: Modernizing Kansas Transportation

From big cities to small farm towns, everyone needs and deserves safe transportation infrastructure. The IKE Transportation Partners joint venture is advancing the delivery of various projects in supp...


The Grant Proposal: A Story Worth Millions of Dollars

Securing grant funding can be a laborious task, but applicants can use this opportunity to collaborate with local leaders, build relationships with funding agencies and envision their ideal project.


What’s New in Nuclear? Advancing Safety and Affordability

There is a broad menu of options available to begin bringing down carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on a global scale. While many agree nuclear energy will (or should) be part of the solution,...

Identify the Right Solutions for Your Renewables Portfolio

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“If we continue to do business as usual, it could take over 100 years to modernize the whole grid. We can’t do that.”

Doug Houseman

Principal Consultant

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