Building Smarter and Safer for What Lies Ahead

Constraints on resources, combined with the growing need to expand our infrastructure, are making the road to success rough. New Burns & McDonnell Chair and CEO Leslie M. Duke has a plan to leverage people and innovative ideas and technologies to get there smoothly.



Adjusting the Sails to Advance Wind Energy


How to Take Charge of Your Fleet Conversion


Leveling Up: A Job Site Built for the Future

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Designing the B-21 Raider’s First Home

Preparations underway will make Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota the first main operating base and training center for the U.S. Air Force’s next-generation long-range bomber.


Power Play: Accelerating Delivery of a Data Center Facility

With server operations set to demand immense quantities of energy, the new Temple Data Center drew upon the efficiency of an integrated project approach to speed into the market in Texas.


Going Below Zero on the Path to a Lower-Carbon World

Among the many pathways being pursued for global decarbonization, one technology seeks to mimic the very thing forests and other vegetated areas do naturally — remove carbon dioxide (CO2) d...


Unmanned Aerial Systems: Capturing Critical Data With Flying Technology

Flying technology offers virtually every industry far-reaching advantages with the ability to quickly capture much-needed critical data and aerial imagery. Unmanned aerial systems are evolving the app...

Strong, Smart, Sustainable: Modernizing the Grid

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"With our technological advancements, there are too many pathways in and out of systems to guard effectively. If you assume your system is already compromised, then the job is not how to keep bad actors out but how to eliminate catastrophic failure. It’s not an issue of security; it’s about resilience and maintaining operations even after an attack."

Victor Atkins

Director | Cybersecurity

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