Placing Humanity at the Heart of a Digitized and Electrified Global Transportation Network

Electrification and digitization are transforming aviation, rail, automotive and maritime sectors, promising efficiency and sustainability. However, issues like cybersecurity, labor disputes and environmental concerns loom large. Amid these challenges, human intervention remains crucial for guiding technological progress.



Bulk Material Handling in Advanced Recycling: More Complicated Than You Knew

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How Telecommunications Drives the Future of Connectivity


Building Smarter and Safer for What Lies Ahead

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Adjusting the Sails to Advance Wind Energy

Amid temporary market turbulence, the wind industry focuses on building resilient infrastructure and a sustainable supply chain.


How to Take Charge of Your Fleet Conversion

Which comes first, the electric vehicle or the infrastructure? For those planning fleet electrification, both must be among the considerations in a comprehensive planning approach.


Leveling Up: A Job Site Built for the Future

The construction industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. Exciting new job site solutions are providing the pathway for greater efficiency and modernization.


Designing the B-21 Raider’s First Home

Preparations underway will make Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota the first main operating base and training center for the U.S. Air Force’s next-generation long-range bomber.

Strong, Smart, Sustainable: Modernizing the Grid

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"With our technological advancements, there are too many pathways in and out of systems to guard effectively. If you assume your system is already compromised, then the job is not how to keep bad actors out but how to eliminate catastrophic failure. It’s not an issue of security; it’s about resilience and maintaining operations even after an attack."

Victor Atkins

Director | Cybersecurity

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