Rev Up With Cleaner Fuel

The race for change is on.


Driving the adoption of natural gas as a vehicle fuel hasn’t been easy. But with all its advantages, a different approach might accelerate this alternative fuel forward.

With a network of more than 2 million miles of distribution pipes, the American Gas Association (AGA) reports that natural gas is delivered to 68 million residences and more than 5 million commercial businesses in the U.S. More than 30 states have proven natural gas reserves, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, when captured as a biogas from landfills, can be used as a renewable form of energy.

Despite natural gas being embraced as a heating and energy source for homes, businesses and manufacturing, there is still a reluctance to adopt it as a vehicle fuel. Abundant, clean and domestically produced, natural gas might very well be a fuel of the future that is available today.


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