Disrupting the Norm With an Integrated Approach

Construction productivity has been on the decline for years, hindering progress and improvements. But that’s changing with the implementation of an integrated team approach, one that’s shaking up conventional methods.

Daily, we watch our water systems battle erosion, dams and bridges fight deterioration, roads and ports encounter congestion, and blackouts continue to strain the power industry — and that’s before the hefty population spike expected by 2030. To make the world more livable for all, we need to give our aging infrastructure and growing development needs the attention they deserve. But given current delivery methods, it’s hard to even keep up.

Despite a backlog looming, the complexity and demand for infrastructure and development updates aren't slowing down. To meet demands, the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry faces the challenge of how to efficiently take a project from the planning phase through construction. To start making a dent in development, look to an alternative approach, one that is shaking up the traditional project delivery process.


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