Lights, Camera, Interaction!

The humble and unassuming streetlight pole can be a guiding light in a smart city transformation when enhanced with an array of technology-driven safety innovations.

Visionaries see the potential to use interconnected technology in countless ways to provide unfathomable possibilities in the smart cities of tomorrow.

Those grand visions, however, sometimes can gloss over the immediate needs required to power and support future progress.

“If you think of the city as a platform for enhanced functionality, it’s always going to be internet-based or cloud-based,” says David Rowe, a project manager at Burns & McDonnell. “You cannot do that without building the infrastructure to make that happen. That’s where we are: building the infrastructure on which a city can evolve and advance.”

One promising avenue for first steps into this exciting new future is easily overlooked. It is so ubiquitous as to be nearly invisible to the typical resident: streetlight poles.


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