Randy’s Insight On-Site

As interest and need for an integrated team approach escalates, so does Randy Griffin’s tenacity for predictable outcomes. As president of the Construction/Design-Build Group at Burns & McDonnell, he and his team are responsible for safety, quality and efficiency on the job site.

Q: How have construction services grown during your tenure at the firm?

A: Since I started at Burns & McDonnell 16 years ago, I have seen our oil, gas and chemicals business spur the quickest growth in the type of services we offered and the type of people we needed to successfully execute the work. We have not only grown in numbers and types of project managers and field supervision needed to successfully execute projects but also in safety and health, quality, project controls, and procurement personnel. We are able to attract top talent in the industry, as well as organically grow new talent. When we’re able to provide challenging, sustainable careers — and reward our folks for their exceptional work — people tend to want to stay with us.


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