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Turning Toward the Sun

To boost its power generation capabilities, a client set its sights on a utility-scale solar project — spanning 106 acres. Using EPC project delivery, we created a solar field to follow the movement of the sun and convert the solar energy captured into enough electricity to serve 3,300 homes.

More in Store

With a little creativity and a lot of exploration, complex energy storage technologies can evolve into cost-effective, scalable solutions.

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Tracking the Life Span of PV Power Systems

There are limited studies on the long-term performance and degradation of utility-scale photovoltaic power plants. Explore a comprehensive summary using a refreshed literature survey and systematic data analysis of power plants in operation for over five years.

The Solar Squeeze

With large amounts of photovoltaic generation on the horizon, utilities are implementing smart solar interconnection, after learning from others’ experiences.

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Documenting the Renewable Energy Standards of Top U.S. Corporations

Corporate America has made vast strides to integrate renewable energy into its facilities as sustainable goals. Based on a review of how some of the top U.S. companies incorporate renewable forms of energy into operations, it’s possible to identify and learn from the powerful impact of their leadership.