Delivering Turnkey Automated Distribution and Fulfillment Facilities for Purchase or Lease


"This cutting-edge business line not only transforms but reshapes the entire supply chain paradigm. At Burns & McDonnell, we recognize its untapped potential — a seamless synergy of efficiency and innovation. It's not just a warehouse; it's a game changer in the distribution and fulfilment market, promising a future where precision meets productivity, setting new standards for excellence."

Brian Chatham

Project Manager

Better Performance

Reliable Productivity

75% Lower Turnover

99% Order Accuracy

  • 60-85% Labor reduction
  • 15-25% OPEX reduction (lease)
  • 30-45% OPEX reduction (purchase)
  • 30-40% Smaller facility footprint
  • Manageable KPIs
  • Worker improvements
    • Less physical demand
    • Fewer injuries
    • Fewer trainings
    • Focused tasks
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Better product security & control
  • Optimized sequencing & delivery

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Durable Goods

Consumer packaged goods

Seamless Automation: Optimize Your Operations

Effortlessly streamline automated distribution and fulfillment operations with our comprehensive turnkey delivery model, offered for both purchase and lease options. Benefit from comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction services, taking into account early commitment to schedule and cost. Our full-service team expedites project timelines, controls environmental factors and accelerates market entry. Explore the advantages of streamlined automated distribution and fulfilment operations with a full-service team.



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Repeat Business

Move Faster With ManuFUTURING

From site selection to facility optimization, innovation in manufacturing creates societal progress. Getting your trusted brands to the shelves fast requires massive support — sustainable facilities enhanced with automation, operational flexibility, and physical and cybersecurity safeguards, all wrapped within cutting-edge design that accounts for and optimizes every inch of space. Our comprehensive ManuFUTURING solutions enhance the products that shape consumers’ quality of life. Learn how our adaptable, customized solutions maximize manufacturing facilities to make consumer products that enrich lives worldwide. Harness the collective experience of our full-service team of engineers, architects and constructors to get projects online safer, smarter, faster and more reliably.


Execute Critical EPC Projects

Utilizing a construction-first mindset means we deliver integrated, sustainable, customer-driven solutions that drive business forward. Our in-house construction professionals are well-versed in multiple subcontracts, as well as fast-track and complex design-build projects. To streamline everything from permitting and pre-capital consulting to startup and commissioning, our integrated team quickly adapts to changing regulations, manages stakeholder engagement and keeps projects safely on track. We offer a single point of accountability, providing a team that is willing to dig into the details throughout the entire project life cycle.



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In Safety

Project Flash Fulfillment

As online sales and demand for efficient multi-temperature order fulfillment systems continue to increase, Burns & McDonnell has completed a prototypical design to accommodate diverse markets and products. A fully engineered plan is ready to be site adapted per your geographic needs. Our solution is capable of multi-temperature order processing using the leanest labor principles available in the industry today. Ambient, chilled and frozen order processing is simplified, efficient and flexible. This shuttle ASRS-based (automated storage and retrieval system) solution is centered on tote and tray containers to maximize product size flexibility and reliability. Our prototype integrates automated package erection, robotic picking, dry ice generation, automated dunnage placement, case closing, and print-on-the-fly, package-unique branding. The design maximizes throughput with minimal staffing requirements. Orders can be processed immediately for shipment or pre-staged for longer-term service-level agreements. This piece-picking design is viable for use in markets include grocery, frozen foods, consumer products and pharmaceuticals.

Brian Chatham

Project Manager

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Brian Chatham

Project Manager

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