By Joel Farrier, PE, ENV SP, AND Brianna Pilkinton

Faced with the growing threat of natural disasters, cities are seeking more sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Civil engineers are among those leading the charge for the development of new design standards for critical infrastructure projects that can withstand disasters and enhance the long-term safety and welfare of all.

A global initiative is underway to design critical infrastructure that is more sustainable and resilient. Over the last 20 years, the reported economic losses due to extreme weather events alone has risen 151% globally, according to a policy brief created by G20 Insights. While needed in virtually every community, new design standards are especially valuable for cities undertaking major infrastructure upgrades in anticipation of upcoming events or to combat natural disasters. Solutions are needed that not only address immediate needs but also enhance quality of life long after an event is over.

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Joel Farrier, PE, ENV SP

Joel Farrier, PE, ENV SP

Regional Manager of Environmental Services

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