APA St. Louis Metro Section February Webinar

It's Not Easy Being Green: Incorporating Green Infrastructure in Development Codes

Many municipalities require green infrastructure in new and redevelopment projects, and if they aren’t requiring this yet, they likely will in the next few years. Reviewing green infrastructure plans can be a headache for both city staff and developers because of unclear or conflicting requirements. This typically happens when development codes are written by planners and stormwater standards are written by .engineers, and these two groups don't typically collaborate with one another.

Green infrastructure requires thoughtful integration into existing policies and development processes, as well as continuous coordination with other departments. This webinar provides a background on green infrastructure and discusses ways to improve implementation, beginning with amending the development code and continuing through long-term operations and maintenance. Emerging trends and lessons learned are shared by a planner and an engineer who have worked together closely to implement green infrastructure across Kansas and Missouri.


Kylie Clark, AICP

Stormwater Planner

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Brenda Macke, PE, PMP, CFM

Project Manager

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