Do You Know What the Future Holds?

Scenario planning is helping companies prepare for the ever-changing future by thinking about future scenarios, considering signposts and tapping into the tools of Foresight.

What Does Your Future Hold?

Long-range scenario planning brings a new mindset to help organizations prepare for the future.

Television made its debut in 1926, but it took 26 years before it was used by a quarter of all Americans. When the World Wide Web was introduced in 1991, however, it took just seven years for Americans to start adopting the technology.

Change is accelerating at a faster rate than ever before. New technology, changing demographics, and a continually evolving political and economic climate are transforming the world around us. Advancements are leading to even quicker acceptance, and the urgency of change is making it more critical for organizations to find ways to keep up with the ever-evolving world — or risk being left behind.

This article was first published in BenchMark magazine, 2017 No. 1. Get more of our latest insights here.