Identifying the Most Impactful Improvements

A data-driven electric distribution planning approach is helping one client identify the right grid modernization projects to address changing needs and system performance in a sustainable manner.

Reimagining the Grid with Integrated Distribution Planning

The world’s electrical needs are evolving, and the electric distribution grid must evolve with them. One major power company is jump-starting the process by using a bold new holistic planning process that will change the way the company plans and maintains its current and future grid.

Like other electric utilities, Entergy is facing a future that bears less and less resemblance to its past.

The investor-owned utility acquired and built its distribution grid in an era when consumers had exclusive, largely passive relationships with their power company. Entergy generated and distributed electricity, and ratepayers used it in very common ways.

But today, the needs of the company’s 2.8 million customers are changing, and their expectations for service options and reliability are growing. Some expect Entergy’s electrical distribution system — which is composed of diverse legacy systems acquired over the years — to accommodate everything from rooftop PV systems to corporate microgrids. Others want to recharge their electric vehicles with cheap power. All want clearer insights into their own energy usage and more empowerment to participate in money- and energy-saving programs.