Integrating Robotics into Existing Processes

Industrial automation through robotics is more accessible than ever with robots performing human-like functions such as assembling and testing products and picking and packaging them for distribution. Consider integrating this competitive advantage into your process to reap the safe, fast and reliable rewards.


Robots can provide a competitive edge in many manufacturing and distribution processes. High-speed operations that require repetitive, monotonous movements, especially those that can be a frequent source of worker injury, are well-suited for robotic integration.

Once considered accessible only to larger companies, robotic technologies are now being deployed by companies of all sizes on an increasingly wide range of machine processes and applications. Finding the right solution can increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Whether you are introducing a new process or automating an existing one, a team with a holistic understanding of the solution and how it fits into your overall process is a powerful asset. Beginning with an approach that includes design, construction and industry-leading equipment and technology suppliers will help to develop a comprehensive solution. Often, this approach will allow integration to take place seamlessly, without halting your existing production to save time and cost.


Bring in a specialist for an evaluation to confirm or put to rest any concerns you may have before making an investment. Equipment and technology suppliers often have a network of consultants available to assist in the evaluation of your operation. These specialists should begin by gaining an understanding of your needs, budget and schedule requirements, learning your capabilities and recommending when and where automation is appropriate.


A consultant will also create a business case for your automation solution, including assisting you in understanding system capabilities and cost benefits, with primary focus directed toward investment capital. Automation solutions can typically be cost-justified when the workforce they are replacing have labor rates of $15/hour and above.



We do this using Lean Six Sigma and the application of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). This drives problemsolving as we engineer your solution to integrate seamlessly with your existing operations. Along with concept development and system engineering, we recommend that you ask your consultant to provide an opinion of probable costs.


When engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning professionals are all on the same page, they are able to deploy complex, fasttrack approaches that will ultimately help you manage project risk, budgets and schedules. Look for a consultant who has experience integrating teams or has each discipline inhouse. Become comfortable asking your integrator to consider postconstruction activities, qualifying suppliers, issuing bid documents, and administering purchase orders and construction contracts.


These steps can create seamless integration and get you online and to market faster. To discuss integrating robotics and automation into a new or existing process, contact Brian Chatham.


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