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Creating Long-Lasting Sustainable Solutions

Through Velocity, an iterative, flexible engagement process, our holistic team fosters in-depth conversations and working sessions to create a strategy that helps clients develop long-lasting goals and meet sustainable benchmarks



For every project, identifying the right solution is often dependent on first developing a strategy to meet an ultimate end goal. Through Velocity, an iterative, adaptable engagement process, the team facilitates in-depth conversations and working sessions with people and their organizations that assist clients in identifying and defining project expectations, goals and parameters to create a road map for a successful project. This process is scalable, as applicable for smaller individual spaces as it is for large site master planning.


When developing strategy, having the right mix of people engaged in creative conversations and brainstorming from the start is critical to understanding and developing holistic, forward-thinking solutions.

To foster these conversations and connect organizations to leading industry specialists, Burns & McDonnell has established a flexible and adaptable engagement process called Velocity.

Through Velocity, organizations partake in in-depth brainstorming sessions with a tailored Burns & McDonnell team of professionals that can evaluate a situation or goal comprehensively. We bring years of experience and diverse perspectives to the table to work together to transparently investigate and develop alternatives with an outcome of solutions that reflect each client’s specific needs and requirements. Our dedicated team, selected for each unique challenge or opportunity, is composed of subject matter professionals with a wide range of experience inclusive of:

  • Business consultancy
  • Design-build construction
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Mission-critical spaces
  • Research and development
  • Site master planning and concept design
  • Site selection and economic development
  • Sustainability
  • Workplace environments

The Velocity program provides clients with the tools needed to overcome challenges and handle unique situations through an iterative, flexible engagement process


Regardless of the goals or challenges at hand, this team serves as an extension of the client, engaging at the earliest possible opportunity to cultivate a highly collaborative and inclusive solutions-oriented process. For example, incorporating a lean methodology approach with a manufacturing project, the team will focus on the process, as well as life cycle costs, siting, building and the individual support spaces.

Burns & McDonnell always considers and evaluates cutting-edge technologies in support of solutions that match the client’s needs. Velocity builds upon conversations, fleshes out ideas and develops enduring and resilient long-range solutions.

The Velocity process values time and is, consequently, short and strategic. Engagement most often lasts no more than a few days, and owners and stakeholders are involved collectively no more than 12 hours in working sessions. Clients can expect numerous tangible results. For example:

  • Identifying and defining what success looks like and clarifying potential project requirements.
  • Lean-driven concepts will be developed and options and cost opinions discussed.

At the conclusion of the program, a road map for a corresponding project roll out will be provided. With a clearly defined solution, clients will have the strategy and team already in place to bring their vision to life.