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A Holistic Approach To ‘Build Cold’

Cold environments are an essential attribute for numerous providers in the cold chain logistics industry. As the locations, sizes and operations of these facilities change to meet demand, a multidisciplinary team offering comprehensive cold chain logistics solutions is critical to develop efficient and cost-effective projects.

Innovating in a Transitioning Market

As consumer demands and expectations evolve, so do the core elements in logistics, causing providers to rethink the right fit for a given demographic. The distance between providers and consumers is rapidly shrinking, leading industries that need cost-effective cold environments to move into urban and suburban areas.

This location change inspired necessary shifts toward the design of smaller, more efficient facilities to overcome site constraints.

Modularization offers an ideal method to create these facilities quickly, safely and in a manner that fits well into the fabric of existing development zones in most suburban and urban areas.

Automation allows facility operators to maximize efficiencies within the facility, where the severe temperature and challenging productivity rates are more conducive to a mechanical workforce.

Vertical construction provides a more cost-effective way to achieve the necessary square footage within a restrictive site footprint.

Tackling Challenges to Maximize Value

Even with these proven design solutions, executing cold chain logistics projects is complex and requires a holistic approach to identify and solve challenges. Building in an urban area calls for consideration of road infrastructure for large freight loading and unloading, local and state regulations for facility height and overall size, exterior materials to blend into urban fabric, and so much more.

The multidisciplinary team at Burns & McDonnell has extensive experience and is backed by in‑house specialists implementing solutions extending from automation to cold envelope construction. With a solutions‑oriented approach, our vertically integrated structure incorporates all perspectives, from project conception to completion — identifying obstacles and adapting seamlessly to deliver a flexible end product that exceeds expectations.