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Intuitive Machines

To manage space travel successfully, aerospace firms need a unique combination of sophisticated amenities, from 3D printing capabilities to metal fabrication and lunar lander assembly spaces.

Houston-based Intuitive Machines, a premier provider of space service and technologies, has a passion for reestablishing the United States’ presence on the moon. To achieve this goal, the company has leveraged its strong partnership with the Houston Spaceport economic development team to construct a new 12.5-acre headquarters and operations center for Intuitive Machines’ lunar program.

The company is bringing employees and processes from many sites together to collaborate in 125,000 square feet of space designed, engineered and built by Burns & McDonnell. Incorporated into the design are advanced manufacturing and production spaces, 3D printing areas, machine shops, research and development laboratories, clean rooms, and large-scale spacecraft assembly areas. Unique to the facility are mission control rooms to track and manage lunar missions, and a propulsion test facility to assess lunar lander engine capabilities. The space also includes offices, meeting areas, conference rooms and other amenities for both Intuitive Machines and its partners/tenants.

Intuitive Machines is one of three anchor tenants at the Houston Spaceport. The location was chosen due to its well-known and deeply ingrained link to spaceflight and the aerospace industry, as well as its proximity to a diverse and highly skilled talent pool.

The new $40 million headquarters for Intuitive Machines will provide the space needed for personnel to build, command and communicate with lunar vehicles and other sophisticated technology in deep space. Intuitive Machines holds several NASA contracts and has a goal of being the first private company in history to land on the moon.

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Intuitive Machines


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