Park Creek Station Wetland Mitigation Bank

The Park Creek Station Wetland Mitigation Bank site was selected because we believe there is an excellent and unique potential to improve wetland, riparian and stream functions on a site with significant natural, cultural and open space values. Located where Park Creek punches through the Park Creek Hogback, the site has excellent restoration potential of wetland, riparian and stream resources of the type that are increasingly scarce along the northern Front Range, where most streams of this sort no longer have their natural flows or follow their natural stream course.

The establishment of Park Creek Station is expected to result in:

  • 1.25 mile of restoration along Park Creek
  • 57.5 acres of wetland restoration and establishment
  • 52.7 acres of riparian restoration and establishment
  • 253.5 acres of priority buffers
  • 141 acres of additional high-quality buffers
  • Whole-site natural resource management program
  • Substantial functional uplift to the Park Creek system
  • Restoration and conservation of landscape-level wetland diversity, including functional uplift of multiple hydrogeomorphic and vegetation community types
  • Excellent habitat interspersion functions and reference-standard buffer conditions
  • Potential refugia for sensitive and listed species
  • Increased habitat potential for state and federally listed species
  • Restoration and management of multiple levels of biological diversity


Service Area and Location

This proposed wetland mitigation bank located in Larimer County, Colorado, approximately 12 miles north of Fort Collins and west of Interstate 25. The approximately 640-acre parcel would restore and manage approximately 505 acres of wetland, riparian and buffer habitats along 1.25 miles of Park Creek and would provide wetland mitigation credits to offset wetland impacts in the Cache La Poudre and adjacent watersheds.

The proposed primary service area stretches across much of north-central Colorado and encompasses the Cache La Poudre (HUC 10190007), the Big Thompson (HUC 10190006), St. Vrain (HUC 10190005), Lone Tree-Owl (HUC 10190008), Crow (HUC 10190009), Pawnee (HUC 10190014), Middle South Platte-Sterling (HUC 10190012), the Little Dry Creek-South Platte River (HUC 1019000306), Outlet Box Elder Creek River (HUC 1019000308), Sanborn Draw-South Platte River (HUC 1019000310), Greasewood Draw-South Platte River (HUC 1019000311), and the Cottonwood Draw-South Platte River (HUC 1019000312). The landscapes within the primary service area shares similar characteristics, climate, soil types, vegetation and wildlife, special status species and critical habitats.

The proposed secondary service area is the remaining South Platte HUC 6 outside the primary service area inside Colorado.

Interested in learning more about the Park Creek Station Wetland Mitigation Bank and the mitigation credit types available? Please submit this form with your contact information and any relevant details, and we will be in respond promptly to discuss your needs.