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Three Steps to Incorporate Transformative Technology

With demand on distribution grids continuing to accelerate, forward-thinking utilities are making a shift to holistic distribution planning. Learn how this process replaces the old “break-fix” mentality and helps with capital planning.

Identifying the Most Impactful Improvements

A data-driven electric distribution planning approach is helping one client identify the right grid modernization projects to address changing needs and system performance in a sustainable manner.


Better Service Through Strategic Undergrounding

As storm responsiveness gets increased scrutiny, utilities are exploring options to improve system resiliency. See how Dominion Energy developed a strategic undergrounding program to reduce outage restoration times and improve the customer experience.

Electricity’s New Reality: The Balancing Act

Reinforcing and modernizing the increasingly multidirectional grid is a robust objective. The power delivery system must be equipped to meet the new demands being placed upon it.

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Enabling Optimal DER Interconnections

Utilities are using hosting capacity analysis as a tool to plan for and expeditiously approve distributed energy resource connections to their systems. This supports efforts to develop an integrated grid with multidirectional power flow.

Improve Your Secondary Networks

Secondary network systems provide reliable service in areas with dense loads, delivering power through parallel feeders and transformers. This webinar discusses how an independent assessment and benchmarking can yield immediate improvements.


Powering a Shift in Agriculture

The farm-to-table movement and cannabis legalization are creating significant new loads to be addressed on the electric grid. Finding efficiencies can help ease the challenge of increased demand.

Planning to Transform Power

When the grid was built, many aspects of today’s load were inconceivable. As utilities upgrade to meet emerging demand, they must strategize to make the grid stronger, smarter and more sustainable.

Coordinating Communication Strategies

Decisions about distribution automation schemes and communications networks are often made independently. This webinar examines the benefits to coordinating strategies to meet short- and long-term objectives and balance competing needs.

Investing in Future Energy Use

Learn how a Midwestern electric utility is managing its demand response programs — and preparing for distributed energy resources still to come — by deploying a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS).

Uncover the Benefits of Strategic Undergrounding

A customer service-focused strategic undergrounding program for electrical distribution systems provides improved system reliability and increased resiliency.

Delivering a Powerful Interconnection With Comprehensive Services

A municipal utility required a new 345-kV transmission line and substation for grid interconnection of a solar generation plant. To execute the project quickly and seamlessly, we are providing full-service solutions — from concept to completion — with an integrated team approach.

EPC Delivers Modern Refresh For Texas Substations

After Bandera Electric Cooperative updated a 50-year-old transmission line, the next step required upgrading its substation facilities. Based on the scope of the project, engineer‑procure-construct (EPC) delivery was the preferred method to complete the work.

Economies of Scale Speed Studies and Distribution Design

Automatic circuit reclosers are valuable equipment to enhance reliability and limit outages on electrical distribution lines. For a large East Coast utility ramping up installations of reclosers, a highly efficient development process was needed to maintain its schedule.