Strong, Smart, Sustainable: Modernizing the Grid

The electric power industry is rapidly transforming as it responds to growth in distributed generation, the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations, increased reliability and resiliency requirements, and more. These developments are driving large-scale investments in power distribution systems, and your team needs to prepare for the challenges they entail. We have the industry-leading experience to help you navigate this evolving landscape.

Resiliency and Reliability

The pressures of electrification and frequency of extreme weather events are putting a premium on reliable and resilient electrical systems. Assessing, expanding and reinforcing your grid is key to maintaining a strong foundation.

Grid Technology

Your grid modernization initiatives can make your assets more responsive and enable proactive decision-making. Strategic deployment of smart devices and automation technologies enhance the efficiency and reliability of your network.

Energy Transition

The practical realities of an electrified world brimming with distributed energy resources can challenge any organization. Much of our electrical infrastructure will need rethinking or reworking to reduce risks and create sustainable systems.

Meghan Calabro, PE

Vice President

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