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Put Your Infrastructure Updates on the Fast Track With Design-Build

Your plant is one of your most important assets, so give it the treatment is deserves. An efficient, integrated team — built upon a foundation of collaboration — takes on the responsibility, from start to finish, while providing cost certainty and timely delivery.

Disrupting the Norm With an Integrated Approach

Construction productivity has been on the decline for years, hindering progress and improvements. But that’s changing with the implementation of an integrated team approach, one that’s shaking up conventional methods.

Design-Build Turns an Emergency Repair Into a Long-Term Benefit

When time is of the essence, you need a reliable fix — and fast. When a wastewater tank failed during Thanksgiving, the City of Harrisonville, Missouri, turned to design-build to not only save the tank but also increase its efficiency. Gaining statewide attention, this wastewater tank repair was the first design-build project in Missouri under new legislation.

The water and wastewater industries continue to find success in design-build. Numerous studies — and owners — have noted the benefits of a single point of responsibility and accountability, team integration, cost certainty and timely delivery. Schedule a Lunch-n-Learn for more on the benefits of design-build and how it can help move along the next capital improvement project.


Progressive Design-Build Achieves Consent Order Compliance

Using teamwork to come up with valuable resolutions — a benefit of the chosen progressive design-build approach — the Cowskin Creek Reclamation Facility complied with mandates while also stepping up functionality and aesthetics within the required timeframe. And the integrated design-build team did so without taking the plant offline.

Data Drives Ongoing Water Supply Improvements

This multiple-award-winning project is supporting and sustaining a safe, reliable long-term water supply. The advanced water supply plant and recharge system tracks and manages the data system supporting the project.

Two Cities, One Design-Build Solution for Wastewater Needs

To accommodate a combined 1,000-acre industrial complex moving into Johnson County, Kansas, the City of Edgerton needed to think big. A revised scope, and more efficient approach, led city officials to partner with neighboring city, Gardner, to meet each city’s wastewater needs.

Design-Build Repairs an Environmental Catastrophe

Following a major break in the West Blue River Interceptor Sewer in Kansas City, Missouri, an emergency solution was needed. To stop the damaged system from spilling wastewater directly into Brush Creek, a scenic waterway, the city turned to our team’s design-build approach to save time, money and resources.

High-Stakes Wastewater Project Delivers Big Return

A new casino and hotel complex were coming to town — and the City of Mulvane, Kansas, wasn’t equipped to handle the incoming high-strength pollutants. Completed in a short six months, a timely design-build project delivered a higher-capacity wastewater treatment solution, utilizing existing infrastructure, incorporating sustainable materials and achieving energy savings.

Is Design-Build Right for You?

Need to update water or wastewater infrastructure? Choose an all-inclusive project delivery approach that integrates design and construction teams to create a single point of accountability.


Innovative Solutions Lead to Cost-Effective Results for a Wastewater Treatment Plant

With new strict requirements looming over Emporia, Kansas, our design-build team used an innovative technology process, and existing infrastructure, to provide major cost savings for the city.

Progressive Design-Build Pumps New Life Into Topeka Facility

Topeka, Kansas, needed to rehabilitate its primary high-service pump station. To avoid long‑term interruption of residents’ water service, a progressive design-build approach quickly addressed the complex project.

Testing and Monitoring: Optimal Green Infrastructure

Long-range testing and monitoring provide important information on the movement of water in and through green infrastructure and identify necessary retrofits needed for current or future designs.


Maximizing Benefits While Minimizing Risks of Adding Alternative Feedstock Sources

Understanding the basic requirements, benefits and drawbacks can help determine if feedstock addition — to enhance the production of renewable biogas — is a viable option for your facility.

Rapid Repairs: Building on Relationships to Get Pump Station Back Online After Unexpected Damage

When a driver crashed into the North Kansas City 26th Avenue Pumping Station, it created an unwelcome risk of flooding for the city. Time was critical, but Burns & McDonnell was able to quickly mobilize a team to repair the damage and get the pump station back online in record time.

Nutrient Limits Met Early With Design-Build Retrofit

To maintain its service and effluent water quality requirements, an established treatment plant was quickly and cost-effectively updated by an integrated team using innovative tools and technology.

Innovative Retrofits to Existing Plants Can Turn Challenges into Opportunities

With growing populations and increasingly rigorous regulations,owners and operators of water and wastewater treatment plants are working to keep pace. But space and budget concerns often provide significant challenges, leading to a rise in retrofitting and rehabilitation. Technology, innovative design and the right project delivery model can provide efficient solutions.

Navigating The Federal Funding Waters

Funding water and wastewater infrastructure projects is an ongoing challenge, and states and municipalities are feeling the pressure. When state and local funding isn’t an option, federal funding could be a viable solution.

Water Utility Sees Design-Build Benefits With Quick Facility Upgrade

The Dodd Water Treatment Plant provides safe and clean water for communities in the Niwot, Colorado, area. A complex facility retrofit was needed to increase the plant’s treatment capacity in time for peak seasonal demand. A collaborative project delivery allowed the integrated team to meet an expedited schedule.

Retrofit Revamps Water Treatment Plant

When the Maple Grove Water Treatment Facility in Lakewood, Colorado, came upon its 10th year of service, The Consolidated Mutual Water Co. improved the plant by upgrading its residuals handling process.

WEBINAR: Rebuilding Our Infrastructure — Why Now’s the Time to Build

Today, our world is in unfamiliar and everchanging territory, but our industries and our people are resilient. One of the things that has remained constant is the need to build and maintain our infrastructure. For this webinar, we brought together financing professionals with varying backgrounds to discuss how building now can get our economy rolling again, giving cities they boost they need to fix aging infrastructure.

A More Progressive Approach to Design-Build

Given its multiple benefits, the design-build approach to project delivery continues to grow in popularity, rapidly replacing more traditional contracting methods. Many state and local governments allow public projects to use this integrated, single-source method that continues to evolve in progressive ways that foster greater collaboration, reduce risk and maximize value.