Creating Crucial Connections for Growing Networks

With increasing global need for staying connected, the demand for broadband infrastructure is growing. Burns & McDonnell has a long history of successfully providing everything from network modernization and private LTE support to asset renewal and 6 GHz expansion for utility communications. We are proud to serve as a trusted partner for these vital infrastructure initiatives.

Broadband Support

Over 25 million Americans lack broadband internet access because of the geographical and financial barriers that exist within rural communities. Investing in fiber-optic networks to help develop and deploy creative solutions is a necessity for education, business, healthcare and economic growth in these areas. We partner with you to bridge the digital divide and push broadband services deeper into the areas that need it most.


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Private LTE and DER Management

Advanced technologies are only as strong as the communications infrastructure supporting them. Utility-grade private LTE layers in proven standards, resulting in predictable life cycle costs and enhanced controls. As a trusted partner, our team designs the system that support your use cases.

Network Modernization and Asset Renewal

To meet customer demands for increased reliability, utilities are quickly prioritizing network modernization and asset renewal. Utilities strive to be more proactive versus reactive with potential infrastructure failures, to prioritize and balance spending on grid hardening versus grid resilience, and to apply analysis techniques to quantify and equitably understand risk for differing options for system improvement.

6 GHz Interference

As the expanding usage of the 6 GHz band puts stress on utilities and other critical infrastructure entities, the balance of how to continue future innovation and deployment of 5G technology remains. The change in spectrum regulation in the U.S. has become a potential game changer with respect to the future of 5G, providing the opportunity for new operations that these frequencies can support. Adequate wireless spectrum to support a wide range of new bandwidth-intensive services is needed.


Operating the electric grid requires a dependable SCADA — supervisory control and data acquisition — system to help you make informed decisions and to provide efficient operations. Designing automation, SCADA and communication infrastructure needed for transmission, distribution and generation assets is a key part of creating reliable networks.

Program Delivery

Aging infrastructure and the constant need for new facilities are realities many utilities face with their communication systems. Essential, mission-critical applications depend on the reliability, security and widespread coverage of these networks.

Completed infrastructure design and construction on


communication sites in the past 10 years


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