Burns & McDonnell respects and would like to acknowledge that the prospective site designated for construction of the Great Plains Power Station is on traditional lands, referred to as Treaty 4 territory — the original lands of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakota, Lakota and homeland of the Métis Nation.

What do you consider to be local? We are from Saskatoon, is that considered local?

Local is defined as living in or being from Saskatchewan. A few ways to get local content are to be a company that has an office or is based out of Saskatchewan or if you're based in another province, your company commits to hiring local labor or suppliers from Saskatchewan.

Is there a Project AML that will be shared or is that something Burns & McDonnell is developing?

SaskPower and Burns & McDonnell are working on finalizing a preferred vendors list for the project. This list is based on past experience as well as SaskPower's continuity of equipment throughout their fleet. If a company is not on the preferred vendors list it does not mean they can not be on a bid list upon acceptance from SaskPower.

Is there a package for site underground utilities, water, sanitary and storm sewer?

This will be part of the 8220-Foundations and Undergrounds package that will be through Allan Construction.

Is there a specific heavy haul route to access the site?

This route has not been finalized at this time. We are actively working to establish this route.

As a supplier only, do we have to complete the subcontractor questionnaire & pre-qual statement?

No, only subcontractors need to fill out the subcontractor questionnaire and prequalification statement.

Is PCL & Allan permitted to bid on other RFP packages aside from the packages they are already awarded?

For additional scopes they can perform, Allan and PCL will be permitted to register and go through the prequalification process and possibly bid on other scopes.

Do you have a schedule of when the subcontract packages are expected to come out for bidding? I assume the schedule date is when the work is to be executed.

Correct, the majority of the dates in the presentation are when work will be performed on site. The bid tenders for these packages will typically come out 3-5 months prior to this.

What is the deadline to upload to the Subcontractor Prequalification?

The sooner, the better. Review the bid dates listed on the website and make sure to have the submissions in as far in advance as possible.

Follow up on Indigenous procurement. Is there a scoring of proposals then, where Indigenous content get you a defined amount of "points"?

There is not a set rubric for scoring of bid packages. Indigenous content will be it taken into account as part of the bid evaluation.

If we already filled out the pre-qual registration a few months ago, should we complete it again?

The pre-qualification link has changed since earlier in our proposal phase (March-Nov). If you have not yet registered under the latest link, you will need to do so again.

Does Burns & McDonnell have a set goal or percentage of Indigenous contractors and inclusion that need to be met for the whole project?

Our overall goal is to improve on the results achieved while constructing Chinook Power Station. Indigenous content will be an evaluation factor in our bid review process.

How will Burns & McDonnell be monitoring and making sure contractors and subs will be sourcing local Saskatchewan qualified tradesmen for work on this site?

There are reporting requirements throughout execution (to Burns & McDonnell from our subs and to SaskPower from Burns & McDonnell), and Burns & McDonnell has been actively involved in setting expectations and developing the strategy with our dedicated subcontractors, and with the local community organizations.

Are you buying everything or will subcontractors purchase items as well?

Burns & McDonnell will be procuring the engineered equipment for the project. Each subcontractor will be responsible for the commodity items they specifically need to complete the scope. We will post the successful subcontractors so that suppliers can reach out to them directly.

I know you mentioned the major equipment suppliers during your presentation. Will that be public knowledge as well so I can contact them as well?

Yes, we will also post the successful major equipment suppliers on our website.