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Leveling Up: A Job Site Built for the Future

The construction industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. Exciting new job site solutions are providing the pathway for greater efficiency and modernization.

“The job site of the future depends on critical thinking and new technologies that have the potential to move us forward,” says Jeff Danley, technology and innovation consultant at Burns & McDonnell.

New technologies continue to push the job site to a future marked by innovation. While safety remains paramount within the construction industry, these solutions provide the capability for further advancements to be made. Data-backed decision-making helps leaders on the job site to complete projects with confidence.

“Computer vision and cobots will push the industry forward in ways like we’ve never seen before, By implementing both of these types of technologies, we’ll be able to complete projects more efficiently and maintain a high level of safety.”

Thought Leader

Jeff Danley

Associate Technology & Innovation Consultant