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Elevating Expectations

To transform the flying experience for passengers, the designs for airport terminals and other aviation facilities must include innovations that are sustainable and resilient. Strategies to meet demand must push aviation infrastructure to the next level, Manny Incorvaia says.

“Strategic technical design, sustainability and storm resiliency have all become crucial pillars that form the foundation of the industry’s future — solutions that are providing the industry with the opportunity to ramp up and take flight,” says Manny Incorvaia, projects manager for the Aviation & Federal Group at Burns & McDonnell.

The aviation industry continues to implement innovative solutions to meet future demands and transform the flying experience. Solutions aim to keep flights on time without sacrificing the passenger experience. Design trends are evolving to cater to changing passenger needs as security and sustainability remain paramount throughout aviation projects.

“Those of us in the aviation industry continue to reimagine solutions built for the challenges we face today and to create a future that is ready to take to the skies,” he says.

Thought Leaders

Manny Incorvaia