Charging Forward With Clean Energy

Achieving clean energy goals is rapidly becoming a cost of doing business. Learn how industrial facilities can respond to these mounting pressures and develop a road map to implement sustainable solutions.

“With consumer pressures mounting and more companies making investments into sustainable practices, clean energy solutions are quickly becoming an approach that industrial facilities must consider to meet sustainability goals,” says Nathan Ninemire, project manager at Burns & McDonnell.

Companies are increasingly looking to clean energy solutions to minimize carbon emissions and are formalizing commitments to meet these decarbonization goals. The timing and magnitude of these commitments is often driven by regulations, as well as by supplier pressures on companies. A road map is needed to navigate the challenges that come with decarbonization and help identify a solution that fits the unique needs of a facility. These solutions are quickly helping to a build a safe, resilient clean energy future.

“It has become a matter of when, not if, decarbonization is simply considered the cost of doing business,” Ninemire says. “Achieving clean energy goals is now much more than a moneymaking opportunity.”

Thought Leader

Nathan Ninemire

Project Manager
Burns & McDonnell