Industry Voices

Investing in an Energized Future

The electrical transmission and distribution industry is experiencing massive change. The need to improve our current power system is a critical component driving that evolution — and it’s requiring electric utilities to act.


Modernizing transmission assets — to support more people, update aging systems and prepare for renewable energy sources — is the first step in maintaining sustainable, reliable power delivery. Such critical infrastructure updates are vital to realizing an energized future.

With almost 27 million electric cars projected to be roving the streets by 2030, it’s no wonder Edison Electric Institute forecasts utilities’ investments hitting $140 billion through 2023. This comes on the heels of another record-breaking year in 2021, when electric utilities spent close to $135 billion in capital expenditures.

For the last eight years, FirstEnergy has done its part by proactively upgrading its transmission system. Through its Energizing the Future program, the company is hard at work to accommodate the sprawling rural and urban communities it serves as well as confidently prepare for the ongoing global energy transition.