The Road to Recovery: Vital Impacts of the Infrastructure Package

Sustaining and boosting growth in the U.S. means implementing clean, smart, efficient infrastructure that keeps people and industry moving. That's just what this new infrastructure law will do, and transportation is at the heart of such significant investment and change.

Make no mistake: $1.2 trillion is a lot of money, but it’s unquestionably what’s needed to improve the condition of our aged infrastructure throughout the U.S., says Agnes Otto, transportation director at Burns & McDonnell. Knowing the potential — and hope — this law brings, she’s excited to get to work.

“We’re talking about improving critical access to jobs, healthcare and education and heightening the delivery of essential goods and services everywhere,” she says. “We need to get our standards up to where we know a country like America should be. Most important, this funding, these projects will enhance our quality of life and preserve our planet.”

Across industries and communities, the consensus is that this law will more than pay for itself. Its purpose is to not only fix existing problems but also set us up to transition into new technology and efforts as a country. For example, she says, electrification is going to be a necessity as the country progresses toward a cleaner, safer, more connected and resilient future.

“Whether you’re a big city or a rural community, this is what you’ve been waiting for,” Otto says.