Avoiding the Dreaded Shutdown

Balancing Safety, Reliability and Cost

A single day of lost production at a refinery or chemical plant is expensive. An unnecessary shutdown can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But a process safety incident — particularly one that causes environmental damage, personal injury or death — carries an even steeper price.

Many U.S. facilities covered by OSHA Process Safety Management regulations might require a safety instrumented system (SIS). This includes any facility with 10,000 pounds or more of flammable material or quantities of toxic materials above threshold levels. Oil refineries, natural gas liquids processing plants and chemical plants are common examples.

For owners in industries that rely on high-risk production processes, maximizing profits requires keeping the production line moving while maintaining a safe working environment. An SIS can be part of this balance. When done right, using an SIS presents an opportunity to minimize risk with little or no impact on productivity.


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