Following the Trend

Social Media and Airport Marketing

By Megan Large, CF APMP, and Stuart Garrett

Social media offers a unique means of communication. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter give individuals and businesses a dynamic way to instantly present and consume information. As technology continues to permeate our lives, the ability to reach a wide audience through these channels becomes more apparent as a means of providing better services.

Airports are in a unique position to benefit from this phenomenon. In an industry that provides a large number of people with time-sensitive services, the use of social media to engage with passengers is clearly more than just a passing trend.

Using social media in a variety of ways, airports are echoing how their passengers consume news and information, making it clear that social media has real implications on an airport’s overall marketing strategy.

Posting real-time updates

Informing passengers of relevant, accurate information improves their experience within passenger terminals and before they arrive.

Monitoring passenger experience

Using posts to gauge customer experience allows airports to adapt to growing needs.

Responding to passengers

Responding to feedback closes the gap between airport operators and passengers.

With these strategies in mind, airports and others in aviation can continue to monitor and use social media to inform and make better business decisions as they pertain to capacity and passenger experience.