Designed for Flexibility

Airport Convenience Challenges

By Wendy Hageman, CID, LEED AP, DBIA, and John Trupiano, Corgan, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

We live in a world of abundant conveniences. As time goes on, technological advancements will continue to provide us with more simplicity and luxury. For airports, this means keeping up with the changes and attempting to provide the public with the experiences they have come to expect.

Convenience in Passenger Terminals

The concept of convenience is subjective. This is the issue when determining the features that matter most to airport travelers. Some desire shorter lines or the ease of exiting a flight, picking up their bags and getting to the curb for pickup. For others, airport convenience begins in the parking lot, relying on airport ground transportation to bring them to the terminal.

Part of the trouble in attempting to define convenience within the confines of public transportation is technology's effect on the public's perception of travel. Smart devices create instant gratification, causing airport travelers to expect the same results — to be where they need to be immediately. Because of this, airports must be prepared to provide conveniences that cater to this perception, implementing airport technology system integration solutions that accommodate frequent travelers and those who only travel once a year.