Our dynamic aviation market is a catalyst for technology and innovation. Drawing on diverse services that extend well beyond traditional architecture and engineering, we will continue to collaborate and deliver excellence to our clients.

Chris Spann

National Director of Aviation
Burns & McDonnell

Achieving Balance: Managing Projects Amid Staffing Shortages

In this era of staffing shortages, airport operators must be smart and right-size their outsourced program management teams to minimize inefficiencies as they work to meet capital improvement goals.

Collaboration Is Key in a Supply-Constrained World

The aviation industry faces challenges when establishing budgets for facility upgrades and renovations due to fluctuating material costs, labor shortages and slow permitting processes. To mitigate the...

5 Contract Terms That Could Become Costly

Anyone can make the mistake of assuming that contracts are written innocuously, and that the fine print really never applies. But in a litigious society, words have meaning, and seemingly subtle phras...

Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: Safety Management Systems

Airports are known for placing a high value on safety. Under new FAA rules governing airport operation, many will soon add a more formal structure to their efforts.

Data-Driven Airport Operations Increasingly Tied to Continuous Commissioning

We are in an era where the built space must be looked at differently. Aviation stakeholders — airlines and airports alike — are demanding increases in productivity and reductions in costs from facilit...

Can Your Airport Operations Take a Punch? New Ways to Think About Airport Resiliency

If it seems like the risk of aviation system disruption is growing, it’s not your imagination.

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Chris Spann

National Director of Aviation

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