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The Ticking Clock for AWIA Compliance on Risk Assessment & Emergency Response Plans

America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) sets into motion a timeline for risk and resiliency compliance requirements for community water systems. A cohesive, comprehensive approach that incorporates best practices for infrastructure resiliency, physical security and cybersecurity can keep you ahead of fast-approaching compliance deadlines.

Improving Public Safety With Smart Security

Physical security can enhance safety in neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for residents. Using smart technologies, communities are not only protecting critical infrastructure and improving the safety of work and leisure places, but also positively affecting residents’ lives.

Finding Order Among the Chaos

After the storm has passed, widespread disruption can leave municipal governments facing a multitude of challenges. Restoration plans — detailed outlines for getting the right resources into a disaster-stricken area — are designed to complement emergency response plans.

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Building a Physical Security Plan That Fits Your Needs

As threats around the globe continue to highlight vulnerabilities of our rapidly changing world, cities and counties are becoming increasingly aware of the need to incorporate physical security measures into their facilities. Understanding how to begin the process is only half the battle.

Secured Assets, Peace of Mind

Getting the most out of a capital budget by understanding critical assets and their vulnerabilities.

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