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Creating a Cleaner Energy Future With EPC Services

Southwest Saskatchewan, Canada, soon will be home to a brand-new 350-megawatt natural gas-fired power facility. The combined-cycle facility will not only be instrumental in meeting the growing demand for power, but also in providing cleaner energy for the surrounding area.

Mitigate Risk With Modular Construction

Construction of new power plants, or other complex facilities, can hit unexpected snags that may increase budgets and extend schedules. Learn how modular construction — when approached with proper planning and management considerations — can offer predictable results and mitigate safety risks.

Generate Reliable and Clean Power With an Integrated EPC Solution

Competitive Power Ventures set its sights on a dual-fuel, 680-megawatt combined-cycle generation facility in New York’s Hudson Valley. Through a joint venture, we used integrated EPC services to construct a final project capable of providing 600,000 homes with electricity.

Sparking Connections

Great construction projects require the right people with the right skills and mindset to get the job done. With the acquisition of AZCO, a premier industrial construction company, we are building a direct-hire team for heavy industrial construction projects, including gas turbine engines.

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Optimizing Construction With the Right Mix of Technology and Planning

Large-scale construction projects require detailed planning and considerable collaboration. Planning and execution have historically relied on tens of thousands of documents to orchestrate the details. Risks can be reduced through technology to enhance construction planning and facilitate collaboration.

Finish Strong: Avoiding Cost and Schedule Overruns in Late-Stage Construction

While large construction projects are uniquely complex, the overall goal is simple: Build safe, efficient and reliable facilities on time and on budget. Avoiding speed bumps to achieving these goals can be difficult.

High-Efficiency Turbine Offers Quick-Starting Backup Capability

Designed for dual fuel possibilities, Canal 3 is helping NRG Energy meet peak demand and boost service continuity in New England with a combination of flexibility and highly efficient power generation.